Selling a home is always stressful so appointing the right agent is critical to ensure the success of the sale and to also to lessen the stress of the process. After interviewing a number of agents we decided to appoint Richard and Adette to sell our loved family home of 37 years in Mosman. Richard and Adette managed every aspect of the sale from ensuring our home was beautifully styled to putting together and executing a fantastic marketing plan. Working tirelessly throughout the campaign period, Richard and Adette ensured every person who walked into our house saw the potential and Richard helped them to see the dream our home could become. As a result on the day of the auction the room was full of potential bidders and the home ended up selling well above the reserve. We would have no hesitation in recommending Richard and Adette as your agents.
15 Stanley Avenue, Mosman (February 2020) - Vendor, (H.H.)

After meeting Richard at various open homes over 12 months, I realised why he has a top notch reputation. He was the strongest salesperson and most convincing agent compared to all the other big name agents. He always commanded top prices for all the homes he was selling and he delivered on them also! We soon realised he's the agent you SELL through (not buy through)!! His great in depth knowledge of the market, customer psychology, marketing, advertising, presentation and strategy concluded our decision to sell through him and glad we did. He valued our home some 20% above other agents we had through and sure enough he delivered! Whilst competing properties were selling within the first 2 weeks, Richard had the tenacity and patience to take it the full 4 weeks and sell 15-20% above similar properties. His experience shone throughout the whole process and along with Adette they showed us why they're the best team in the business, not to mention the hardest working.
15/7 Highview Avenue, Neutral Bay (February 2020) - Vendor, P. Hooshmand

Richard and Adette, we believe that you are without doubt the A-Team, - the quintessential yin and yang. We say that without fear of contradiction. It has been a very long time since we have experienced such enthusiasm and professionalism. Your advice, strategy and execution were flawless. Thank you for not only for achieving an excellent result, but also for the manner in which you went about it.
8/39-41 Middle Head Road, Mosman (February 2020) - Vendors, Andre & Teresa Biet

Richard was fantastic. He gave us a guidance for the sale of our property, of 20%-30% more than what we purchased it for in 2017, and he delivered smack bang in the middle of that at a 25% increase in a bit over 2 years. His marketing was outstanding. After the sale he continued to go above and beyond to help with amending the settlement date on the property too. Richard and Adette’s performance was excellent and together they are a powerful and highly effective team. I highly recommend calling Richard should you be looking to sell your house in Mosman.
18 Bullecourt Avenue, Mosman (February 2020) - Vendor, R. Draper

When we purchased our house from Richard we knew we would only sell through him. At that time, we knew he achieved the best price for his vendor and now he exceeded our expectations with this sale, which is impressive. Richard’s team prepared the house for sale, the styling was stunning as were the marketing materials. Adette makes a great team with Richard and speaks Mandarin which was important for working with the Chinese buyers. The whole sale process was as painless and as efficient as possible. When we sell again we will call Richard it’s as simple as that, and you should too.
16 Clanalpine Street, Mosman (December 2019) - Vendors Elizabeth & David

When the going gets tough the tough get going. This describes Richard Simeon. Richard has always remained helpful, hardworking, and communicative through all stages of selling. I always believed he would achieve the best price on my property and I was not disappointed. I would recommend his services to anyone who is thinking of selling.
15-17 McManus Street, McMahons Point (December 2019) - Vendor, C. Shrimpton

Living remotely, appointing the right agent was always going to be critical to the success of our sales campaign. Ironically it was the strength of the referrals on Richards website that prompted us to call him and now here I am writing a referral myself! Richard and Adette worked tirelessly to oversee all elements of our sales campaign. We appreciated their fastidious attention to detail and thoroughly enjoyed working with them. From our experience, Richard, stands out as an agent. His professionalism, business acumen and experience sets him apart. We would have no hesitation in recommending Richard as your agent.
14 Wolseley Road, Mosman (November 2019) - Vendors KS & CS

Richard’s genuine enthusiasm and commitment to the marketing of our property was perfectly complemented by his strategic approach to the sale process. His strategy was flawlessly executed and his experience and skill shone through as he guided the campaign to its successful conclusion. Richard was a pleasure to work with and we are delighted with the result. We wholeheartedly recommend Richard and his team to future vendors.
20 Bradleys Head Road, Mosman (October 2019) - Vendors, DW & KW

Thank you Richard ‘The Wizard’ Simeon and Adette Cao for your ‘Midas Touch.’ It is the second time we have used Richard to sell our home – and once again he has not disappointed. They say that lightening may not strike twice, but Richard has done so for us and in a tougher market. Richard’s ability to understand and influence the dynamic between potential buyers and the house being sold is second to none – he is simply just smarter and better than the rest. If you are thinking of selling we can’t recommend meeting with Richard any higher than this, his reputation for achieving top results precedes him.
142 Cowles Road, Mosman (October 2019) - Lissa & Neil

In a very tough property market we appointed Richard and Mark to sell our home, as we know they are always totally dedicated to represent a vendor’s best interests. They have sold for us before and the outcome is always the same, they worked tirelessly and nothing is left to chance. Over the years we have worked with a lot of agents and strategically they are on another level. Their ability to work very closely and respectfully with the best buyers led to them finally negotiating our best possible outcome. If you are considering selling then we highly recommend that you meet with Richard and Mark.
2C Mistral Avenue, Mosman (September 2019) - Vendors, David & Michelle

We recently sold and coincidentally bought through Mark at the same time and we were extremely happy with the results on both transactions. Marks personal approach, market knowledge and negotiation skills are second to none. Managing the expectations of two vendors when one is also your buyer, and getting the desired outcome for both took a lot of skill and patience and was impressive to witness. Mark, thanks for all your help we are really excited to be moving into our new home soon.
18 Bapaume Road, Mosman (September 2019) - Vendor J. Stansmore

I am very grateful to Richard and Adette for their enthusiasm and hard work, they not only found numerous qualified buyers for us but went above and beyond. They actively helped me in areas of preparing documents, always thinking ahead and actively providing buyer feedback. The entire experience I had with Richard and Adette was one that was meticulous and incredibly well strategized. They were able to achieve a result that was beyond our expectations especially when selling off marketing without any advertising. As a Chinese vendor, Adette’s ability to communicate to us in Mandarin was extremely beneficial and reassuring. If you are looking to sell or buy, I would highly recommend that you contact them. Thank you Richard and Adette.
15/39 Stanton Road, Mosman (August 2019) - Vendors Mr & Mrs Li

In a time when the property market is in a slump, Richard and Adette were able achieve a top market price for our apartment. The fact they did this as an off-market sale was an achievement. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to sell their property. Thanks for the great result.
8/125 Raglan Street, Mosman (August 2019) - Vendor, Gavin

We had not even been contemplating a sale of this property which was bought back in 2012. However, a call "out of the blue" from Mark Manners started off a process which culminated in a sale being agreed. No fuss, just sheer professionalism from Mark at all times in guiding us from the "not interested in selling" camp to exchanging contracts to sell this property. All off-market, no need for any campaigns of any sort and made all the easier for us by knowing that Mark was working tirelessly behind the scenes getting for us, and at the same time advising us that this was, the best result in the circumstances. Could not have been done any better. Thanks again Mark.
Inkerman Street, Mosman (July 2019) - Vendors RM & SM

Dear Richard, Just wanted to say a very big thank you for the fabulous result you achieved for us on the sale of our home. You worked tirelessly on the property and most importantly appreciated and respected the value of the property, and you were fully committed to achieving the optimum price for our home. Your knowledge of the market and how to best to strategically present our property to educate and influence buyers was also very impressive. You are a highly skilled negotiator and you leave nothing to chance, which are indeed crucial assets in these more challenging times. It was a pleasure to work with you and Mark. I would highly recommend you to any prospective vendor and they are welcome to call me direct.
52 The Grove, Mosman (April 2019) - Tony & Pauline

We engaged the services of Richard Simeon and his team to sell our home on Bay Street Mosman. Richard and his team had a very personable and enthusiastic approach from day one which was sustained throughout the campaign and resulted in an excellent outcome. Richard implemented strong marketing and buyer strategies to reach and attract local and international buyers and communication was always clear and concise. Richard’s focus was always to protect the value of our property and his negotiation was always based on achieving the best result, which he did. His team were exceptionally polite and professional. In a challenging market, we highly recommend Richard to other prospective vendors.
69 Bay Street, Mosman (April 2019) - David & Sarah

Dear Mark & Richard, We are very happy with the efficient and extreme quick way of selling our waterfront property within just two days. Your professional approach, dedication and Sales experience in Mosman’s Beauty point area - especially in a softening market – achieved a respectable selling price. We have at the beginning of our plans to downsize spoken with several other Competitors of you but our decision to appoint you as our Agent has been in every respect a win-win outcome. We will highly recommend Simeon Manners to our friends - many of them in the same age Group - to talk to you in case they want to sell or start thinking of downsizing. (March 2019) for Richard Simeon and Mark Manners
76 Bay Street, Mosman (March 2019) Lilo & Paul Treichel

We would sincerely like to thank you both for selling our property. Your professionalism, dedication and drive was clearly evident throughout the whole journey. Despite the challenging market you still managed to achieve the expected asking price. This confirms your work ethic and determination. The best decision we made was listing our property with Simeon Manners. We would highly recommend all vendors and purchasers to work with you both. for Mark Manners and Richard Simeon
Euryalus Street, Mosman (March 2019) -Theresa Zaarour

We wish to thank Richard for leading us through a painless experience of selling our home in a difficult market. Over a period of 4 years we have observed Richard’s impressive sales results achieved, including, for a good friend in Balmoral and also 3 of our immediate neighbours. We therefore put him at the top of the list of agents to engage. We have found Richard easy to deal with, hard working, enthusiastic and with plenty of positivity. Needless to say, a very good negotiator. We also received valuable guidance, assistance and advice from Richard and his team prior to our listing. Due to Richard’s network of buyers, we were able to achieve a very satisfactory and quick sale prior to a full marketing campaign which also saved us on marketing costs and weeks of an open-house. We would recommend Richard to others selling in the Mosman area. His experience and local knowledge make a big difference and we would rate him second to none. for Richard Simeon
7 Inkerman Street, Mosman (April 2019) - John & Lesley

I'D SAY STRATEGIC, COMMITTED AND FOCUSED Our sale, was pretty insignificant when compared to many of the properties in Richard's portfolio, but I never got the sense that he was paying less attention, because of that. The impression, was of an agent to whom every job was a new challenge and every result, a new goal to achieve. There was obviously some ego in this attitude but why wouldn't you want to engage an agent who was motivated to stay on top? The process and the strategy, was well handled and clearly explained. We were kept fully and regularly informed, and when the circumstances warranted changes to the strategy were proposed and amended. In a market, where reports of doom and gloom were appearing daily he achieved result that was above our expectation- though below our fantasies. Additional thanks to Richard's excellent team. for Richard Simeon
16 Euryalus Street, Mosman (November 2018) - Mark

What a fantastic experience with Richard and Simeon Manners – an innovative agency who came to us with a very clear, well-articulated sales strategy, a plan they implemented in a patient and considered way, at all times keeping us well informed on progress and ultimately delivering an outstanding result, particularly in a tough market. Selling a house is a stressful experience, and it is vitally important that the vendor has trust in the agent and equally that the agent earns the trust and respect of the client – this was most definitely achieved. At the outset of the sales campaign, Richard provided excellent advice in ensuring that the house was presented to the maximum. Along the way they tweaked their sales pitch to ensure that interested parties were kept warm and they demonstrated innovative ways of enhancing the appeal of the house. Their attention to every detail that would assist in selling the house was very impressive and they demonstrated a 24/7 commitment and excellent negotiating skills to ensure we sold at the best price possible. We could not recommend Richard and Adette highly enough for their focused strategies and their all round professionalism. We would be more than happy to talk to any potential vendor, if they would like to hear from us first hand. for Richard Simeon
34 Central Avenue, Mosman- (August 2018) Paul & Mary

I first met Richard Simeon in December 2012 when he was the selling agent for the vendor of 113 Bay Street, which was to become our much adored family home. I was struck by his pragmatic and straightforward style. He reads people well. Unfortunately, my wife and I separated in 2017 and we had to sell this home. We each separately met with his competitors, and finally with Richard, and individually concluded that he was the most likely to deliver us the best result in tricky circumstances. In fact, he worked very hard for, and delivered, an excellent result, despite a market beginning to tank. Strategically, his decision to develop CGI’s of potential renovations was crucial, as he informed us that all the prospective buyers wanted to develop the property. I think that he was thus able to build an even stronger emotional connection between them and the potential of the property. Connecting the buyers to affordable builders was also important as it kept down the perceived building costs. Many thanks to Richard and his team. for Richard Simeon and Mark Manners
113 Bay Street, Mosman - (November 2017) Bryn

Hello Richard, Having sold 10 properties previously through various agencies we can attest to never having encountered such enthusiasm, honesty and commitment as from Richard and his team. They worked tirelessly with utmost professionalism throughout the campaign, highlighting our property's unique features and ensuring the best possible price for our home. Their attention to detail was exemplary as was their approachability and communication in all aspects. Richard's negotiation skills are second to none! We highly recommend Simeon Manners to would be vendors and would have no hesitation in employing Richard and his team for any future sales of ours. for Richard Simeon
10 Inkerman Street, Mosman - (March 2017) Vendors Inta & Peter Charteris

I have known Richard for about 15 years. He was able to get me a record price for a house we built previously in Mosman, and he sold me this house in Balmoral. He is exceptionally easy to deal with, very transparent and concise. Richard and his team at Simeon Manners worked incredibly fast and efficiently to put our house on the market. It took just 5 days to prepare the house before the first Open House. Their preparation was second to none. I was going to sell it off market but Richard assured me that he could get a much better price and not only did he succeed, but he was able to achieve an incredible result for us. We are very thankful for the work that he and Adette plus the styling team at Evolve did to sell the house and would recommend him above all other agents in Mosman. for Richard Simeon
246 Raglan Street, Mosman (June 2018) - H. Olsen

A lot of real estate agents talk a good game when you are considering selling your home, particularly in a buoyant market. But when things tighten up, you need an agent who has a proven track record over time and most importantly, someone who you can trust to fairly represent your interests, not just their own. That’s why we chose Richard and his team. They listened to us, gave us sound advice and went the extra yard to ensure we received the best possible deal for our home, rather than trying to shoe-horn us into a sale just to get a result. Richard and Adette kept us fully informed during the entire process and were always respectful, honest and charming to deal with. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to any prospective sellers. for Richard Simeon
34 Pindari Avenue, Mosman (June 2018) - Peter & Ann

Mark was a pleasure to work with from day one. Being first home buyers we were initially nervous about the purchase however Mark’s professionalism and timely manner in finalising the sale assured us that we were in good hands. We continued to receive excellent service from Mark post settlement with prompt and helpful responses to any queries we had.
3/185 Walker Street, North Sydney(September 2015) - Saeed Mirzakhani & Natalie Szurminski

Dear Richard, We wish to thank you, and the team at Simeon Manners, for the outstanding service you provided and excellent result achieved on the sale of our home. Some seven years ago, when we were house hunting in 2008, you stood out amongst all the agents we came into contact with for your professionalism and your insights into us as potential buyers. As such, when it came time for us to think about selling, our first thoughts turned to you - and we were not disappointed. From our first conversation about selling, we felt confident that you knew exactly how to best market our home. We were impressed with the way you investigated the various aspects of our home, asking questions and looking at it from every angle to find the gems that made it so appealing. From this, you developed and communicated your strategy and we felt you knew exactly what type of buyers would be attracted to our home and how best to market it. We were particularly impressed with the quality of the photographs taken and your hands-on approach at the shoot. You were also instrumental in making suggestions, and directing us to resources, to show our home at its best. All of the above elements made us feel we were in safe hands throughout the marketing and open house period. You kept us up to date at each stage, and when the time came, you negotiated a pleasing result. We felt it was fast and transparent with no mucking around. We were kept informed of the various parties involved and consulted at every step which made us feel confident in making our final decisions and in the result achieved. You, Mark and Stephanie were a pleasure to deal with throughout the entire process. We wish you all the best for the future and highly recommend you to any potential sellers. Kind regards
7a Inkerman Street, Mosman (September 2015) - Paul and Stephanie Smith

The moment we met Mark Manners, we thought he would be the right person for our property. Even though Mark is a director of his company, he was heading our campaign from beginning till the end, handling every open , enquiry, report, negotiation etc. Mark conducts himself extremely professionally and he engages well with people and I find this creates a situation whereby potential buyers become more comfortable in expressing themselves to him enabling him to have more insight into their thoughts and needs. At every open for inspection, Mark and his assistant, Michelle (his trump card!) displayed our house magnificently. You must look at the wonderful brochures! Mark’s Advertising background is another great asset as it further enhances his abilities to put forward a stronger interest on your property and captures the emotions of potential buyers further with his undeniable skills. Mark is not just a great Agent, he is also a very lovely person whom we have got to know during our campaign. Our house sold in the second week, prior to Auction, which the whole family was relieved about and were most delighted! We have since recommended Mark Manners to a couple of our friends in Mosman. Thank you very much Mark and Michelle for your undivided attention to our property and for achieving all of our brief.
2 Pindari Avenue, Mosman (September 2015) - B & T Wong

Dear Richard, Before I met you my sub-penthouse apartment was on the market for 18 months and had received no offers. I appreciated your total professionalism and relentless persistence to service my property, every week. You constantly managed to introduce the best local and international buyers to compete for my property. Ultimately, your negotiating skills were exceptional and I am extremely satisfied with the result. I would definitely recommend you unconditionally to any prospective seller. Yours faithfully
1907/2 Dind Street, Milsons Point (August 2015) - Frank Yao

Simeon Manners Property are a breath of fresh air. An agency run by experienced business professionals who understand not just property but people. We first encountered Mark Jones and Richard Simeon at an open property. Our subsequent request to return that night to feel the spirit of the house was met with only one very accommodating question, “Does that need to be before or after midnight?” Happy to report we have since moved in. Their dialogue was both charming and honest from beginning to end. They are now selling a property for us and through their extensive network of people they are quickly able to maximise a property to its full potential with a degree of ease I have never experienced before, so much so it can almost be called fun! Thank you Mark and Richard, a new real estate benchmark has been set.
'Whitehall' 37 White Street, Balgowlah ( July 2015) - Selena Spring

Dear Mark & Richard, Well what can I say!......We have successfully bought and sold property with Simeon Manners Property in the last 3 months and the overall experience has been exemplary. Having spent nearly thirty years leading a number of businesses in the global Financial, Equity and Commodity markets, I have a deep understanding of professional client services, and until encountering Mark Jones & Richard Simeon, had never received such high level intelligent service from any of my previous dealings with real estate agents or agencies. When appointed to sell one of our properties recently, Mark and Richard presented a comprehensive and clearly defined strategy on how to best to present and market our home to achieve the highest price. This included leveraging their vast network of international contacts and relationships, to ensure no stone was left unturned. They took control of the entire process (which included the careful management and empathetic treatment of our tenant in situ) and delivered, as promised an outstanding result. The stand out for us was the fact that our previous agents had failed to produce a single offer. Not only did Mark & Richard produce several offers, but in doing so were finally able to deliver a result that was $500,000 over our previous agents’ marketed price guide! We greatly look forward to our next property venture with you both. Cheers, M. Spring
12 Barrabooka Street, Clontarf( July 2015) - M.Spring

Dear Richard and Mark, I’d like to thank you very much for your excellent work relative to the sale of “Whitehall”. I am very pleased with the way it went, the way the sale was marketed and handled, the result and the sometimes a little unorthodox approach you have to presenting properties to potential buyers. I also hope that the Purchasers will be happy with their acquisition and that “Whitehall” will prove to be a happy home for them. It has been a pleasure to deal with you and you team and I am sure we chose the right Agency for this job! Kind regards Egil
'Whitehall' 37 White Street, Balgowlah ( July 2015) - Egil Paulsen

Richard and his team were recommended to us by family who had very a positive experience with Simeon Manners. We had the desire to sell for some time, however the thought of all the work involved to prepare for sale was simply too daunting – until we met Richard, and their miracle worker "interior designer" Rod. We are two very time poor corporate people with two children under five – and two dogs. We didn’t want to be “managed” to by real estate agents – we wanted to feel secure that our agent was genuinely acting in our best interest. We found Richard's approach very reassuring and quite comforting - the knowledge, confidence and clear strategy was too good not to embrace. Not only did they achieve our asking price for the property – the entire property preparation and presentation was managed by them. We literally went to work one day and 48 hours later came home to our personal property packed up, de-cluttering complete, walls painted, floors redone, gardens tidied, repairs fixed - and the property so beautifully styled it made us cry! From committing to sell through to being open for inspection – it all happened within 7 days. We didn’t lift a finger. For my husband it was about getting the right result, for me it was about being supported in every imaginable way to keep our world and family life under control. Finally, they kept us informed through the entire sales process and they were so close to the best buyers that when the time came to negotiate the best possible result, we trusted them totally. Ultimately they more than delivered on what they promised. We couldn't recommend Richard, and their team highly enough.
10/8 Punch Street, Mosman - Jodie & Glen McGrath

We would like to thank Richard for his considerable efforts in the sale of our house. During the recent changing market conditions the team still managed to achieve the best result and did not give up or compromise for an easier situation. They provided us with constant market updates throughout the campaign. We also appreciate them for always making their advice based on the decisions benefiting us. This is a great team to work with and we recommend them highly to any potential seller.
84a Ourimbah Road, Mosman- (November 2017) Roy & Ting Huang

Hi Mark, I personally wanted to thank you very much for your significant efforts in showing my wife and I an array of properties, on and off market, in the Mosman area and being honest and open with respect to your views and valuations of the respective properties we were considering. It is always difficult and stressful when searching for the right family house for the significant future and your efforts and insights made the search a much more pleasant experience. Thank you again.
33 Shellbank Avenue, Mosman - Purchaser

Dear Richard, As you well know, selling a family home is incredibly stressful, both emotionally and financially, which is why choosing the right agent is such a critical decision. I have absolutely no doubt that I chose the right agents in you and your team. Your approach from day one was professional, adept, insightful and empathetic and I felt confident that I could entrust the sale of my home to you. Your knowledge of both the local market and prevailing market trends was both extensive and insightful but I never felt pressured to sell. You happily (and patiently) answered my questions and dealt with my indecisiveness thoroughly but empathetically. You provided a price guide to me based on evidentiary values and not once did I feel like you attempted to convince me to lower my price expectations. I felt like we were a team and on the same page from day one. Once on the market, I was impressed by your attention to detail and your systematic, organised and professional approach. The marketing campaign for my home was hugely successful and I was really pleased with the coverage and additional PR you were able to secure. Whilst I was not privy to it, I honestly believe that you managed the sales process and ensuing negotiations skillfully and professionally as was illustrated in the fantastic result we achieved, which was at the top end of your initial price guide. Every step of the way I felt like I was in good hands and every interaction with your team was efficient and pleasant. Special thanks to Richard for his expertise and support and to all of the Simeon Manners team. I am truly grateful for your diligence, professionalism, empathy and guidance and I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to prospective vendors.
4 Glover Street, Mosman - Angela Galloway

We had Mosman's very best agent when it came to selling our home! Richard was fantastic to work with. We appreciated the local knowledge and expertise in selling properties in Mosman. From the initial meeting we had, he managed our expectations and was spot on with the strategy to sell the property! I would have no hesitation recommending Richard and look forward to selling more property through Simeon and Manners in the future! Thanks again ! Great result!
4/35A Stanton Road, Mosman - Adam & Lydia

I would definitely recommend Mark and the Simeon Manners team. We have used other agents in the past for both purchase and sale but this was the first time we felt the agent knew the market, the target buyers and current market conditions in detail. Mark was very helpful with a methodical end to end process that definitely showed his expertise in Mosman real estate. Mark and his team were responsive, friendly and above all professional. Thanks again to Mark and Simeon Manners
16 Noble Street, Mosman - SC & BC

Thank you to Mark and Richard for achieving a good result for us. Our property took time to sell which was difficult but Mark’s tireless patience never ceased so thankyou again for you persistence and enthusiasm. The sale also went to another great family so his ‘fit’ for the right purchaser was exceptional. If you want the best give Mark a call.
33 Shellbank Avenue, Mosman - Paul & Allison Fleming

Mark was outstanding in every way when it came to our sale. Right from the time that we first met to discuss the sale, he, along with Richard Simeon, gave us absolutely first class service. They also gave full attention to all the details required to get a property of this size ready for a sale as well as giving us a realistic guide as to the value of the house. They knew how important it is to get a sales campaign right before it starts. During the sales campaign, Mark worked tirelessly to get as many potential buyers to come and visit the house. Saturdays, Sundays, any day Mark was available to talk both with us and also to bring potential buyers through the property. Mark also suggested some great leads on advertising the house to ensure maximum exposure. All of that worked perfectly for us. We would thoroughly recommend both Mark and Richard to any potential seller to engage Simeon Manners to get the best results.
36a Bay Street, Mosman - R. Marshall

Richard Simeon has everything you need when dealing with real estate sales; thorough knowledge of the area backed up with hard truths, complete transparency of the status of the deal, and impeccable honesty from beginning to end. With his added tenacity you wont do better. Richard always took our calls or returned them promptly - not a small thing when negotiating the roof over your head. Throughout the whole experience we were always confident he would deliver the result we wanted. It's something we'd be happy to repeat - the true test of any person's reputation.
5 Botanic Road, Mosman - V. Miller

Thank you very much Mark. Fiona and I are very appreciative of you and the team in assisting us through the purchase process. We found the people and the company to be the most professional we have ever worked with. Please also forward our sincere thanks to Mark Jones as well.
12 Methuen Avenue, Mosman (August 2018) - David & Fiona

Thank you Mark for a professional sale and sales process. It is stressful enough selling your home even without difficult negotiation and Mark was able to keep the process highly professional. The negotiation was at times very stressful but Mark remained calm, professional and considered throughout. He went the extra mile when it was needed and was always available. I would highly recommend the team at Simeon Manners but especially Mark. Thank you.
24 Redan Street, Mosman (July 2018) - Vendor

I first met Richard Simeon in December 2012 when he was the selling agent for the vendor of 113 Bay Street, which was to become our much adored family home. I was struck by his pragmatic and straightforward style. He reads people well. Unfortunately, my wife and I separated in 2017 and we had to sell this home. We each separately met with his competitors, and finally with Richard, and individually concluded that he was the most likely to deliver us the best result in tricky circumstances. In fact, he worked very hard for, and delivered, an excellent result, despite a market beginning to tank. Strategically, his decision to develop CGI’s of potential renovations was crucial, as he informed us that all the prospective buyers wanted to develop the property. I think that he was thus able to build an even stronger emotional connection between them and the potential of the property. Connecting the buyers to affordable builders was also important as it kept down the perceived building costs. Many thanks to Richard and his team.
113 Bay Street, Mosman - Bryn

Dear Mark & Richard , thank you for your kind note regarding the sale of our beautiful home. Thank you for staying the distance and for your professionalism and tenacity throughout the lengthy campaign. Although our price expectations were not achieved ,you did get us the best possible result. Congratulations to you both and to your team. Prosit. Best wishes for continued success.
38 Bay Street, Mosman (August 2018) - Lee & Dee Cassar

Thank you and the team at Simeon Manners so much for the wonderful hamper which was delivered personally today. We were pleased to be “home" when it arrived and loved the personal touches like the St Hugo wine and the Bush biscuits. It was a real pleasure working with you on the purchase of our house. Thank you for making the process feel so easy.
35 Upper Fairfax, Mosman (August 2018) - S & H Bush

Thank You! - We really appreciate all the advice Mark Jones gave us throughout the process of selling our house. He was always highly professional in our dealings and we had every faith that he would get the best result for us. Thank you Mark!
2 Bay Street, Mosman (October 2018) - Vendor

Our property was not the easiest property to sell, the effort Richard put in to identify and work with each potential buyer’s individual needs over a number of weeks was incredible. From working with architects and builders through to ensuring the perfect photo, we were very lucky to have worked with Richard and his team and would highly recommend them. A top agent who leaves nothing to chance.
34 The Grove, Mosman - B. Montz

It was an extremely difficult decision to sell my home. My father was ill, I was time poor and this was a decision that I struggled with for over a year. Initially I interviewed many agents - McGraths, Ray White, The Agency and Sotherby’s. They were all polite but who was most capable enough to sell my house, my biggest asset and my family home? I had heard several times about Simeon Manners but didn't really know who they were and on reflection, I realise they were probably just too busy working than making ‘Noise’. One night I discussed my real-estate nightmare with my close friend, which included being hounded by agents. Her response to me was she would talk to her husband who previously had worked in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs with high-end companies that sold property internationally. Her husband called me early the next day and advised me that he had worked with this incredible guy years ago, claiming that he's on another level and not like your typical sales agent. He also said if he lived on the North-side and was selling his home, these are the guys he would use. I opened my door to meet Richard Simeon who was confident, informative humble and charming. He had so much time for me, he sat down and really listened so I felt no pressure. Finally, I had chosen my agents - Simeon Manners. True to his word Richard was in my home leading the way with trades people sorting out everything that needed fine-tuning or fixing. Richard is a perfectionist and was here when the stylists came in and nothing was ever too small or big for him to handle. When you have someone on your side like these guys everything seems so simple. No stress. I really just dumped it all on him and it never seemed to be a problem. The marketing materials were stunning and comprehensive they generated considerable PR and delivered and diverse range of quality buyers. Richard is a strategic negotiator, one who always has the ability to turn a NO into a YES is someone you want on your side. Even when I said enough, he delivered more. I saw it all, nothing bothered him, he was always here for openings and would call immediately following each inspection with results. His comments were always constructive and honest. I reflected on what my friend had mentioned from the start - Richard really was on another level. His strengths are understanding people on their level and he loves what he does, he’s motivated and driven yet calm and has the ability to win. My house sold in 5 weeks for more than what every other agent had quoted – ‘an amazing result’. What I found that was the most rewarding experience for me was how simple Richard made everything seem. So if you are lucky enough to have Richard and his incredible team at Simeon Manners sell your home, get ready for a wonderful experience and the highest results. My contact details are with Richard and his team if you need further info. With pleasure Rose Stevens
3a Hopetoun Avenue, Mosman - Rose Stevens

My wife and I have now, both bought and sold property with Richard Simeon, firstly our purchase in March 2010 and the subsequent sale of the same property in September this year. It really was our experience with Richard in our purchase that made him our go to man when it came time to sell. When we bought the property we were extremely impressed with Richard's attitude, not only in selling to us but also at the same time obviously protecting the interests of the vendor. It's a fine balance to successfully deal with both parties and provide a successful outcome, and we really respected that attribute. When we decided to sell it was easy for us to decide that when it came to the pointy end of the deal, there was only one person who we wanted to handle our affairs . We knew Richard would get us the best result possible with the minimum of fuss. His ability to close a deal is extraordinary. We couldn't be happier!
5/7 The Esplanade, Mosman - David & Sandra Blowes

We could not be more pleased with our decision to appoint Richard, and his team to manage the sale of our home. Being based overseas it was especially important to entrust this responsibility to a team of outstanding professionals who were able to manage all aspects of the process from coordinating improvements works, styling, marketing, presentation, buyer negotiations and of course the sales process itself. Nothing was too much trouble. At all stages we felt that the team at Simeon Manners were working their utmost to achieve the best outcome for all concerned. Their engagement with the property was evident from the outset and resulted in it being presented in an outstanding manner and their communicating to prospective buyers its most distinctive features. The team gave comfort that this was not just another sale, but instead recognised the importance of this process from a vendor's perspective. We were kept fully informed at all stages of the sales process. The professionalism, market knowledge, commitment, communication and responsiveness were exemplary. This was demonstrated not only by Richard but throughout all levels of the agency. Simeon Manners did not waiver throughout in their assessment of the buyer interest and market value of our property. The ultimate result was very pleasing (a street record) and at all stages consistent with or exceeding the expectations they had set. We could not recommend Richard and their outstanding team more highly.
32 Shadforth Street, Mosman - C. & A. Hedger

A huge thankyou to Richard, you are a true professional and it was such a pleasure working with you. From beginning to end you were so helpful, organised and efficient. We were most impressed with your services and would be very happy to recommend Simeon Manners to other vendors. Living in Melbourne made our sale a little more difficult. You so willingly assisted us with every possible detail, the sales campaign, styling of the property, wonderful trades people, such a relief for us, and the end result was superb. We can’t thank you enough. We wish we had a Simeon Manners in Melbourne!
4/35 Wycombe Road, Neutral Bay - Val & Bruce Stirling

Mark was a true gentleman in every sense of the word and a really lovely person to deal with. He was very honest in his appraisal of the property we purchased and gave us a very clear guide as to what the purchase price should and would be. We purchased the house 24 hours later and were comforted to know he did not stall or muck us around. I would highly recommend Mark in any future real estate endeavours, and have already recommended him to friends for the sale of their properties! Thank you Mark!
455 Sailors Bay Road, Northbridge - Purchaser Dors Strudwick

“We have dealt with other agencies and agents in the past and I would like to say all agents are definitely not the same. We would like to express how delighted we were with Richard Simeon as the managing agent for the sale of our property. He was extremely professional throughout the campaign and achieved a result which exceeded our expectations. He attended every open and handled complex negotiations calmly and efficiently to optimise our outcome and delivered what he promised. Thanks also the Mark Manners and the rest of your team. I would have no hesitation in recommending Richard to all potential vendors.
26 Euryalus Street, Mosman - Vendors K & S Hanning

When we decided to put our property in Tivoli Street on the market, the choice of real estate agent was a no brainer. Richard Simeon sold properties for us in 2006 and 2010 and we were extremely happy with the process and the outcome on both occasions. Richard’s approach is ‘’hand me over your home, I’ll sell it for you and you will be delighted with the result’’. It’s that simple. From the vendor’s point of view, you could not ask for a smoother ride. Richard’s knowledge of the marketplace, his vast experience, his engaging personality and ability to deliver is second to none. He is a consummate professional, a remarkable communicator and his approach to the task at hand is masterly. Richard is a level above the best in his industry. He is a highly astute operator, instilling confidence in his vendors and unwaiveringly placing his vendors’ interests first and foremost. Richard has developed a great team around him in his company Simeon Manners. We feel very fortunate to have Richard as our go-to-guy and will most certainly reach out to him again for any property sales in the future.
8 Tivoli Street, Mosman - Vendors Jan and Terry Smith

Dear Mark, we wanted to express our sincere appreciation for all your efforts and guidance in achieving a successful sale of our harbourside property in Beauty Point. Mark and Richard were confident and unwavering in setting a price range and set about running a cost effective and targeted sales campaign which generated solid interest among a select number of qualified buyers. They then worked very closely and diligently with those interested parties, finally giving the successful purchaser the confidence and encouragement, through careful negotiation, that saw them meet our price expectations and conclude a sale. As anyone who has been through the process knows, selling one’s home can be very stressful. Both Mark and Richard were very calm, measured and professional giving sound advice throughout the campaign. In the final negotiations it helped knowing we were in the hands of two very experienced operators whose judgement we trusted. We would have no hesitation in recommending Simeon Manners to other Vendors.
5 Carrington Avenue, Mosman - S&M C

Richard, and team far exceeded our expectations in terms of price, quality and after sales care with regard to the sale of our property in Countess St. Mosman. Sales strategy was well thought out and presented in a manner that accommodated our busy schedule and market estimate for the property ended up being spot on accurate. Having experienced other agent’s styles in the North Shore area previously, what sets Richard, and their team apart was their attention to detail, their informed opinions on what the best selling points of the property were and their help in presenting the property in the best manner possible. Richard's guidance during the sales process was always courteous and undertaken in a professional manner irrespective of the long hours of work they put into the sale on a daily basis. At the completion of the sale, the biggest selling point for Richard, and their team, was that we felt as much time and effort was put into the marketing and securing a deal for our property as would have been for a property of considerable more value and have no hesitation in recommending them.
55 Countess Street, Mosman - Vendors Natalie Wong & Gerard O'Sullivan

Richard and his team were fantastic in helping through the process of selling our family home. Richard has a great sense of the different emotions that a purchaser goes through, especially if you have a lot of memories attached to your home. The team worked hard to get the property looking its absolute best in a short time frame. The coordination and timing was thorough and when they finished the house looked beautiful. Richard took ownership of all of this. Over the weeks both Richard and his team kept me informed as to the level of interest and ultimately those buyers who were likely to bid at the auction. My home finally sold for well over the reserve and set a record price for my street. This would not have been achieved without the talent and energy that Richard and his team brought with them. They know how to really ‘sell” your property and work with interested buyers in a discerning way. In my opinion Richard and the team at Simeon Manners are true professionals and I have no hesitation in recommending them.
18 Noble Street, Mosman - Vendor A. Knight

We would like to thank Richard and the rest of the team at Simeon Manners in Mosman for their dedication and hard work resulting in the sale of our property in Balmoral. Our first impressions of Richard was honest, hard-working, no-nonsense individuals was confirmed very early on in the sales process as we discussed the most appropriate sales strategies and advertising campaigns for our property, and how best to present it. The property was prepared and listed in no time at all thanks to the efforts of Richard and the rest of the dedicated team. Richard’s understanding and knowledge of the local market undoubtedly helped us to secure the true market value of our property. His initial estimate of what we could expect as a price guide proved to be precise. In fact, after what was only a relatively short marketing campaign, the team delivered on their promise by securing a sale prior to auction. The manner in which Richard dealt with prospective buyers can only be described as consummately courteous and professional. In particular, Richard thought nothing of going out of his way working late into the evening in order to be able to secure a sale for us, and was able to close the deal by utilising his excellent negotiating skills to ensure that a satisfactory outcome was achieved all round. We would not go past the team at Simeon Manners in future should we have a need to either sell or buy a property, and have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending their services to anyone considering a real estate transaction. Many thanks again.
63 Mandolong Road, Mosman - Vendors Mark & Lucinda Mezzapica

“Richard, Just a short note to thank you and Mark for the great work you did during the sale campaign for our house. We talked to a number of agents before choosing Simeon Manners. Many agents have similar ideas about sales campaigns, but there were some factors that made you stand out from the other contenders (other than your impressive track record, particularly for Beauty Point sales). Firstly, you understood and respected our position ie we were not forced sellers and you never pressured us to compromise on price. To us that showed great integrity. You were true to your mantra of not letting the market dictate the price. Over what was an extended campaign you never lost your enthusiasm or belief that eventually you would find the buyer and you did. Finally, Richard we were very confident that once that buyer had been identified you would leave no stone un-turned to close the deal. We would have no hesitation in recommending Simeon Manners to other vendors."
26 Beauty Point Road, Mosman - Vendors P. Jones & S. McCulloch

Mark, we can never thank you enough for everything you did for us in the recent sale of our home. From the first moment, we knew we were in safe hands. You gently guided us through the whole process from getting the house ready for market right through to the exchange last week, with a most pleasing outcome. It was a lengthy process, but your continued support and enthusiasm never dimmed. In an era when real estate agents suffer, perhaps unfairly for some, a poor reputation, you were a gentleman and a consummate professional throughout the campaign. Please also pass on our thanks to Mark Manners and Richard Simeon for their helpful assistance also. We have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending you to others as the perfect choice of agent to sell a property – and in fact have already done so ! Thank you again.
27 Bay Street, Mosman - Wendy & Dom Priestley

Thanks Richard, On behalf of all five Stephens siblings I'd like to thank you for running a sterling campaign under circumstances that must have been very trying at times! Could you also pass on our thanks and deep appreciation for the rest of team and the way they conducted this campaign. I couldn’t recommend you more highly to any potential vendor and I look forward to seeing you again soon. All the very best.
16 Inkerman Street, Mosman - Vendor P. Stephens

Dear Richard, Thanks again for all your efforts in the sale of my apartment. I am really impressed by how efficiently and effectively you've worked through the campaign. You transformed the appearance and presentation of my apartment, devised a sound strategy and maintained your eternally positive attitude while being realistic, moving quickly when it was time to act. My brother was so right about you, as I will be when I recommend you to others around me.
5B/2-22 Knox Street, Double Bay - Vendor P.Park

Hello Richard, Having sold 10 properties previously through various agencies we can attest to never having encountered such enthusiasm, honesty and commitment as from Richard and his team. They worked tirelessly with utmost professionalism throughout the campaign, highlighting our property's unique features and ensuring the best possible price for our home. Their attention to detail was exemplary as was their approachability and communication in all aspects. Richard's negotiation skills are second to none! We highly recommend Simeon Manners to would be vendors and would have no hesitation in employing Richard and his team for any future sales of ours.
10 Inkerman Street, Mosman - Vendors Inta & Peter Charteris

Richard, we would like to express our appreciation to you and your team for the devoted attention you gave our recent sales campaign and the excellent outcome you achieved. Your understanding of the uniqueness of the property and passion in expressing it to the market were unwavering throughout the sales process. The marketing materials were produced with painstaking care, exclusive media coverage was obtained, preparation and attention to detail were shown before every viewing. You thought nothing of cancelling your own commitments to host private on-site drinks or late night inspections. Most notable was the manner in which you supported potential purchasers. You took time to understand their aspirations and concerns and made every effort to provide them with the resources to make their decision; be it renovation services, finance options, regulatory clarifications, or just whether the local amenities matched their needs. We don't think there is much you wouldn't do to make sure the ultimate purchaser felt well informed and delighted with the outcome. We would happily recommend other vendors entrust their property sale to Richard Simeon and Simeon Manners.
Bertha Road, Cremorne - Vendor K. Wilson

To Mark Manners, selling your home is such a stressful event and for us, not one we have done often. We were very impressed with the professional approach from Simeon Manners, who came highly recommended. A recommendation very well justified. We had a tight timeline and Mark was unfailingly calm and efficient and made a huge effort in negotiating successfully on our behalf. Both Mark and Richard gave us good advice on how to present our house and Rod and his team were amazing in undertaking repairs and styling in super quick time. Thank you Mark, Richard and all of your team. You did a great job and we definitely recommend your caring agency for professional and expert service.
2 Little Street, Mosman - Vendors Anne & Harvey Green

Having been so impressed by the service we received from Mark Jones of Simeon Manners when we purchased our family home just over 18 months ago, we have since sold a further two properties with him. Both properties are based in the lower Northern Beaches. He managed the entire process from end to end which ultimately made it a stress free and rewarding process. He always kept us abreast of the interest in our property and the market forces throughout the process. Unlike previous agents we have dealt with, at no point did Mark suggest we lower the price to meet the market. Mark was always comfortable in supporting us realising the true value that we both felt this property deserved. Above all Mark is a very sincere and trustworthy professional to deal with. On both occasions he has achieved an exceptional price for us. We would wholeheartedly recommend Mark to anyone looking to sell or buy a property.
69 Condamine Street, Balgowlah Heights - Selena Spring

Dear Richard, I do not believe that any other real estate agent would have secured the deal on our property that Richard did. The combination of his vast market insight, his well honed and targeted marketing skills, knowledge and understanding of the prospective client base and, ultimately, his deep ambition to achieve the best possible deal for his vendor client differentiates Richard from his competitors. Finally, his negotiation skills are amazing and leave absolutely nothing to chance. I have no hesitation in unreservedly recommending Richard Simeon as the agent of choice to any prospective vendor.
15 Markham Close, Mosman - Vendors Jane & Royce Brennan

Dear Richard, A sincere thank you for handling the sale of our property. You came to us highly recommended and we also met some of your competition and our decision to appoint you was an easy one. On reflection, you are the most experienced and intelligent agent we have ever worked with and having worked with you, we would not even consider using any other team in the future. Your ability to read the market is second to none. You don’t leave it to the market, you control it. You have boundless energy and passion, which you apply with humour and warmth. You saw our home’s potential, beyond our beliefs and immediately turned our dream into a reality. There are many real estate agents who can sell houses but your guidance and consideration was exceptional. What would be considered an emotional process, was handled with care and empathy. We would like to acknowledge the fantastic efforts of Mark Manners, for his diligence, insights and support. We are also thankful for the professionalism of the rest of your team. We have truly loved working with you, Mark and the rest of the team.
15 Euryalus Street Mosman - Mary & Leonard Lozina

We have used Richard Simeon in our property transactions for the last 12 years. Richard has been absolutely marvellous in the way he has handled the sale and purchase of property we have held and has achieved very good results over the years, in particular the sale of our properties at Chinaman's beach and Clifton Gardens. Recently through Richard's company, Simeon and Manners we have dealt with Richard in the sale and purchase of property in the Mosman area. Richard worked exceptionally hard and diligently to achieve a very good selling prices for our properties at Clifton Gardens and at Balmoral. Richard worked very professionally to find a replacement property in Mosman for us at a good purchase price given the current market . We have found the knowledge and experience Richard had in the area exceptional. They have both been very good to deal with possessing the character and personality that ensures a very good process in the sale and purchase of property by their clients. We ,both as professional people , given the time constraints we have because of our professions , have been treated by Richard with the utmost respect and dignity keeping us continuously fully informed so that we can achieve the best results. We both have the utmost pleasure in recommending Richard for any real estate transactions one may have.
37 Iluka Road, Mosman - George Sideris & Dr Fiona Sim

We recently engaged the services of Mark Manners of Simeon Manners to sell our family home. In all of our dealings with Mark we felt he had our best interests at heart. His understanding of our needs, his consistent communication between ourselves and our potential buyer were a true reflection of a collaborative approach to business. Mark identified the perfect buyer for our property from the start and we were delighted to get such a good result before we even launched on the market! It was a truly positive experience and I would recommend Mark to anyone looking to achieve a great result with the minimum of fuss.
Sold off market for an outstanding result - S & M McInnes

TESTIMONIAL FOR THE FABULOUS ……MR MARK JONES! Mark exceeded James and my expectations in every way during the process of selling our home. Upon our first meeting with Mark we realised he was unique in the real estate world. His honesty and exuberance ensured we felt confident in his ability from start to finish. Mark worked tirelessly to ensure James and I knew exactly what was going on during our campaign. Often having to touch base out of hours and on Sundays. This ensured we never felt out of touch with the direction the campaign was heading. Mark ensured we were never under false impressions about the value of the house and the interest it generated. We were always alerted of any changes with the interest of potential buyers, which took the guesswork out of selling a house. Mark worked with us to create a short but efficient campaign and the end result exceeded our expectations. It would be our pleasure to recommend Mark to anyone who is considering selling his or her home.
16 Dobroyd Road, Balgowlah Heights - James & Peta Howe

Richard Simeon of Simeon Manners recently sold our property. We believe Richard and his team effectively researched the potential value of our property and delivered professional advice as to maximise its value in the current market. They ran a very effective campaign to bring a diverse range of buyers to the property and left nothing to chance. Over a relatively short period of time, the level of interest and range of offers gave us the confidence that the price we accepted was the best possible price. Ultimately, Richard's negotiation strengths and ability to work very closely and credibly with buyers was key to the final outcome. We would not hesitate to recommend Richard Simeon and the Simeon Manners Agency.
27 Harriette Street, Neutral Bay - Vendors JK & GK

We have know Richard professionally for many years and he represented us in the sale and purchase of previous properties. Without doubt Richard's reputation for achieving the best possible outcome for his vendors is highly justified and again we are delighted with the result. Your negotiating skills and 24/7 commitment was highly evident. Teaming up with Scott Thornton was an added strength, giving us two leading agents to deal with every potential buyer. Thank you to Richard and Scott you are a great team.
43 Bradley Head Road, Mosman - Vendors P & A Aslan

We were very happy with how it all went. We know agent’s job is to get the best price for the seller (and would expect nothing less) but some (if not most) behave in a manner that is not ethical and leaves you angry and frustrated. Mark, you were always professional, courteous and fair and we would have no hesitation recommending your services and would most likely engage you to sell the property, if we ever do!
16 Beauty Point Road, Mosman - T. & J. Shaw (Purchasers)

Richard and his team have just completed the very successful sale of our two newly constructed adjoining properties. We were initially drawn to considering Simeon Manners as agents because of the excellent results they were achieving for comparable sales in the area. Although during the final stages of construction a number of agents approached us, Richard was the only one who took time out to visit the property and on a number of occasions. We considered this personal service important and had no hesitation in appointing Simeon Manners. So confident in their professional approach, we decided to take a much needed holiday during the initial marketing and styling period. Our return saw all arrangements completed and of the highest standard. The sale of the properties has been finalised much quicker than we anticipated and well above our initial expectations. This was due entirely to the outstanding service offered by Richard and his great team. Both are very competent individuals, Richard's marketing and negotiation skills were of the highest order. The team are extremely professional and likeable people, yet tenacious, persistent and trustworthy. The whole sale process has been a breeze. We are thrilled with the result. In a way we are sorry its all over! We would highly recommend Richard and the Simeon Manners Team.
23 & 23a Redan Street, Mosman - Vendors DS & AS

Richard, Thank you for your assistance with our journey to purchase 23A Redan Street which I imagine you know has exchanged today. As the driving force of your organisation I wanted to bring to your attention how impressed I have been. I manage an executive search business which operates across 14 countries so I know top talent when I see it. It’s not often one meets a credible professional with drive and zeal who can also show positive warmth and make you feel your queries are of genuine interest and concern to them. It can’t be easy dealing with some confrontational buyers agents. Simeon Manners did so with poise and grace whilst achieving a win for the vendor. Antonia and I would are grateful and pass on our thanks.
23a Redan Street, Mosman - Purchaser

A very big thank you from my wife and I for all your work, time and effort in assisting Mum achieve such a great outcome on Saturday. You and your team’s wonderful focus on ensuring Mum was kept up to date at all times, and your team’s natural and genuine friendly and caring manner is both rare and greatly appreciated.
43 Glover Street, Mosman - David

Mark, thank you to you and Scott for the excellent result achieved on the sale of our home in Cremorne Point. Your approach to selling our home was honest and direct – the fact that we sold within two weeks of listing is testament to the hard work and dedication of you and Scott and your deep knowledge of comparable sales and the value of our property. We are delighted with the outcome and we wouldn’t hesitate to use you and your team again and recommend you and Simeon Manners Property to prospective clients.
17 Glenferrie Avenue, Cremorne Point - AR & BR

Couldn’t recommend Simon and Julia more highly. They very clearly, went above and beyond the call of duty for us, helping out with council, pool inspections and all manner of “loose ends” that had to be "tidied up" in order to achieve the best possible price. Selling a home you’ve lived in for 20 years can be a traumatic experience, but with Simon and Julia there to help it was relatively easy. Couldn’t recommend them more highly.
7 Henry Street, Dee Why - Brandon Saul

Selling our family home was never going to be easy, but with Richard's guidance, many of the stresses were alleviated. His analysis and insight of the Mosman market at the onset gave us the confidence to proceed with the sale. Through their contacts, the house was prepared perfectly for presentation within days. They remained positive throughout the campaign, whilst keenly following local market trends. Their professional yet approachable manner was at all times an asset to us as the vendor and helped build a trust worthy relationship with buyers. They valued our property above that of the other agents we considered and set a strong price guide in the market. Their final negotiation strategies were extremely effective and without doubt, they always represented our best interests to achieve our best possible outcome. We are delighted with the final result and have no hesitation in recommending this premier team.
12 Carrington Avenue, Mosman - Bruce & Christine Austin

Dear Mark, both my sister and I are delighted with the outcome you achieved for the sale of our family home in Mosman. Selling our parent’s home, the one we grew up in, was always going to be an emotional journey for us and your professional approach made a huge difference. Right from the outset it was refreshing to deal with someone who was understanding, considered and totally honest. I especially appreciated your open and direct dialogue with me as you deftly guided us through the process and skilfully navigated the inevitable “to and fro” in any sale of this kind. I found your insights and depth of knowledge invaluable. It’s also not often that you gain from an adviser both the “art and science” of a deal and the way you steered all interested parties and our ourselves towards a win-win for all was excellent. Taking the extra steps in finalising the sale, coupled with the high attention to detail and service levels made the whole process hassle free and alleviated all the stress that goes with selling the family home. We cannot recommend you highly enough.
90 Bay Street - Vendor

Dear Mark, on my first discussion with Simeon Manners Property your approach and openness felt very right for my concerns with selling my home. There was a clear vision and strategy conveyed to me that let me know the property was in good hands. You and the wonderful team made it such an easy process for me removing all the stress and worry especially considering the tight time lines. I handed over the keys and the rest was seamless. You, Rodney, and Ellouise were a dream to work with being incredibly professional going above and beyond, understanding my home was not just a house. Communication was honest with integrity being displayed right from the outset from everyone. The final result was so beautiful, thank you! There were many extra inspections for many interested parties and your motivation, engagement and enthusiasm never waned. Thank you very much Mark for a great process and a great outcome. I am thrilled that the new buyers are so excited. I have no hesitation in recommending Simeon Manners Property. Best regards.
46a Spencer Road, Mosman - J

Dear Mark, an excellent result !! Thank you. Andrea and I knew we were in good hands from the moment of the initial appraisal all the way through to the sale. Your level of personal commitment and professionalism throughout the campaign was outstanding. Without a doubt, you and your team will be selling our next home.
20 Prince Albert Street - David & Andrea Hatzidis

Entrusting the sale of our substantial property to Mark Manners of Simeon Manners was a decision that we are very thankful to have made. At no stage during the sale of our house did we feel that we were dealing with a ‘real-estate agent’, it was clear from beginning to end that Mark is a sales and marketing professional committed to exceeding the expectations of his clients. This was an extremely refreshing approach after a disappointing and fruitless campaign on the property with a local franchise agency only a few months earlier. Mark, Richard and the entire Simeon Manners team were exceptional and very easy to deal with. The communication was great and we were kept fully informed. Their commitment, professionalism and strategic points of difference in a crowded agency market was reflected in the results – our house was sold in 4 weeks at a price that we were very happy to achieve. The boutique style of Simeon Manners combined with the experienced depth of their team, Mark in particular, will ensure that they will not only be our first call when we are next selling a house, but our first recommendation to anyone else looking to sell theirs.
19 Parrawi Road, Mosman - J & T V-M

Thank you for selling our house. You always maintained your enthusiasm for our property despite for the most part of our campaign the market at our level being quiet. You were 100% positive about its eventual sale and advised us to be patient. You kept us going at times with your belief. We were very happy with the final outcome and believe your hard work and negotiation skills concluded the sale at the highest possible price. In particular we feel your in depth local market knowledge of houses in our price bracket gives you the edge. It was always a pleasure working with you.
4 Shellbank Parade, Cremorne - Campbell & Susie Lobb

It was a pleasure to deal with Richard Simeon during the sale of our property. Even on his first visit to our house and before we had appointed him as our agent, he gave us excellent ideas on how best to present the property and how the marketing campaign should be structured to get the best results possible. His knowledge and enthusiasm was what led us to appoint him as our selling agent. During the campaign he kept us up to date with developments, was honest and straightforward in his assessments and advised us on campaign changes he thought were necessary. He was also willing to deal with prospective purchasers at any time and to show them through the property well outside of normal working hours, one of which ended up as the actual purchaser. We were extremely satisfied with the final result. We would thoroughly recommend Richard and his team to anyone considering the sale of their property.
202B Raglan Street, Mosman - Sue Boyd-Bais (former Mosman real estate agent) & Dr Renze Bais

We first came across Richard and the Simeon Manners team when looking to buy a property, and were always impressed by the highly professional way they represented the seller, presented the property, and their polite and professional, but persistent follow up. We eventually found a house in the area, and despite the property not being on the Simeon Manners books Richard, without any hesitation, gave us his time and honest and direct feedback on our buying approach which was key in the eventual success of our purchase. We then had to sell our existing property. After getting to know many agents during our years of looking, we knew we wanted Simeon Manners to handle our sale. Following Richard’s advice to get the house to market asap, we passed the keys over to Richard, Rodney and his expert team, who completely took over preparation for sale, organising everything in and around the house. The weight was lifted off our shoulders and the work done within an incredibly short timeframe. The property was presented superbly, the marketing and sales strategy clear, and the feedback during sales period concise, straightforward and frequent - thanks Stephanie and Jesse! Richard knew exactly who our strong potential buyers were and his management ensured they were all there to bid at auction. We had never sold (or bought for that matter) at auction before and the day was a breeze with the team extremely calm and taking us through and explaining the process. The price reached was a great result for us and a testament to the skill of Richard and his team. Thank you Richard, when we decide to sell next time we will be back!
11 Harbour Street, Mosman - Bill & Sheryl Hooper

It’s our pleasure to again commend and recommend Richard after his success in selling our home at 54 Bradleys Head Road, Mosman. This is the third time Richard has sold a house in Mosman for us and his insight into the local market and advice about the likely selling price was spot on (a rarity in a market where over quoting to win the business then managing down expectations is all too common). Richard achieved the price he advised was the market value of our property and his skill in managing the sale process and the professionalism of the entire Simeon Manners team was exceptional. Where Richard stands out is that he goes the extra mile for his clients: not only is he a committed and talented sales professional, by understanding our family needs he has guided us in our choice of properties. Where we have chosen to renovate, he has provided key insights during the planning and building phases that enabled us to maximise the potential of the property while being mindful to not overcapitalise. We would highly recommend Richard to any prospective vendor.
54 Bradleys Head Road, Mosman - Susan Turner Kapsanis & Cosmas Kapsanis

We would like to thank you both for the excellent outcome with our sale of 61A Muston St Mosman. This is the fourth property you have sold for us over the years and every time we have been thoroughly impressed by your professionalism and commitment. Based on past experience we were comfortable in leaving the strategy and sale process totally in your hands and the outcome could not have been better. Your decision to bring the auction forward rather than let us accept an offer prior paid off handsomely delivering us an extra $650,000. Your ability to know exactly where every buyer was prior to the auction, demonstrated how you accepted totally accountability for managing the negotiation process, and therefore gave us total faith and confidence to accept your advice. This was well above our expectations and at all times we always felt that our interests were front and centre in your thinking. Thanks again for your help in achieving such an excellent outcome.
61a Muston St, Mosman - Dixon & Jennifer Andrews

From the moment we spoke with Mark Manners for the first time we realised his approach to selling real estate was in many ways different to other agents. Our working relationship built positive momentum very quickly and it was obvious to us that we were in the best possible hands. He presented our house in an extremely positive way and made sure that all interested parties were aware of all the desirable attributes of our house and its potential. He also actively promoted the features and the unique characteristics of Beauty Point. Mark's extensive local knowledge and his many successful sales in Mosman over the years meant that he was able to deal with any and all questions and concerns put to him by potential buyers in a very specific and definitive way. We were very impressed with his continuous level of enthusiasm and the fact that he personally followed up with everyone who inspected our house, gave us certainty that no prospective buyer would be missed. Thank you Mark for securing for us the best possible price for our property.
Mosman - Leanne & Greg

Dear Mark, your dedication, commitment and care in selling my home was exemplary. Thank you for your understanding of every aspect of my journey. You went above and beyond what I ever expected and for that I will be forever grateful.
7 Pretoria Avenue, Mosman - Cherie

We first met Richard at an open house a few months before we hired him and we were very impressed by the empathy that was shown to us as prospective buyers. The team were very knowledgeable about the property, and it was clear that they knew the area well. They also quickly gauged what we were looking for in a property. At our initial meeting to discuss the marketing of our home we found their approach to be very innovative and logical, and it was an easy decision to appoint Richard as our agent. He quickly established a very well thought out campaign and helped us to beautifully present our house. Whilst the campaign took a bit longer than expected they remained committed and confident throughout. In negotiations Richard’s emails were based on a lot of good data which definitely attracted the buyers’ attention and we were very pleased with the eventual result. We would be happy to recommend Richard to any prospective vendor or purchaser.
49 Bay Street, Mosman - Verne & Debra Baker

Dear Richard and Mark, In real estate, as with any business, there are different degrees of skill and competence. Invariably most agents are courteous and many do a good job of the relatively modest task of opening a house for inspection, and exhibiting it. In our experience, the Simeon Manners Agency does significantly more for their clients, and I am writing to thank you for this. The success you achieved with the sale of our property in recognising the specific needs of our purchaser and matching these with the attributes of our residence, and the subsequent most satisfactory pricing discussions, reveal professionalism at the highest level. Courtesy, experience and effectiveness are what we sought with our engagement of Simeon Manners. This is what was delivered. Your agency was recommended to us after the success you achieved on the Mosman waterfront for a long standing family friend of ours. I would be very happy to act similarly as a referee for a potential client in the future. Sincere congratulations on a job well done - and again, thank you. With kind regards,
36a Bay Street, Mosman - SO (Vendor)

A big thank you to Mark for achieving such a great result for us. I knew when I first met Mark he was different to the other agents I had met and he would have our best interests at heart. His advice and patience was what we needed to adjust to selling our home. Mark is not only the complete professional, keeping us fully informed at all times, but he succeeded in addressing the needs of our family while achieving our desired result. We can’t recommend him and the agency highly enough. Our sincere thanks.
6 Wyong Rd, Mosman - BL & CL

Choosing an agent to manage the sale of your home is generally the beginning of a journey fraught with fear and tension. Having previously worked with some of the larger agencies, we decided to go with Simeon Manners, a bespoke firm of real estate specialists. We had been warned by friends about a possible lack of reach and “Who are these people anyway?”, but any concerns were squashed when the reality of the huge response from clever marketing came flooding in. Richard’s prior experience in advertising positions him perfectly in seizing media opportunities to provide the utmost exposure for extensive coverage. The Simeon Manners Team is highly experienced, respectful of your time and always very accessible. One of the most incredible aspects of this unique firm is their ability to mix professionalism with a sensitively personalised service. Richard and his team rose to every occasion and surpassed our expectations of them. Their attention to detail and strategic handling of our sale from initial discussions to the final moments before the auction and beyond, are a testament to their great expertise. We would like to extend our very sincere thanks to Richard for achieving a great outcome whilst continually offering assurance and comfort along the way. We were stress-free in a situation that is rarely so. We look forward to working with you again.
1 Elfrida Street, Mosman - Richard & Philippa Gray

Richard is very smart and determined. He is simply persistent and relentless and he will never stop until his client's property sells for the best price possible. He is extremely highly regarded by his fellow professionals and his former clients and I would not hesitate to recommend him for any sale.
3601/77 Berry Street, North Sydney - JP

Hi Mark, I personally wanted to thank you very much for your significant efforts in showing my wife and I an array of properties, on and off market, in the Mosman area and being honest and open with respect to your views and valuations of the respective properties we were considering. It is always difficult and stressful when searching for the right family house for the significant future and your efforts and insights made the search a much more pleasant experience. Thank you again.
33 Shellbank Avenue, Mosman - Purchaser

Richard A big thank you for managing to achieve our high expectations with the sale of our home in Mosman. We really believe that you did considerably more than any other agent would do in order to secure the sale and quite simply you went 'above and beyond' the call of duty. You showed tenacity yet also patience when following up potential purchaser, crucial when dealing with more complex sales like our. But perhaps most importantly your superior negotiation skills won out in the end.
Vanda Rossiter

When it came to selling our family home in Strathfield, we wanted an agent whose marketing strategy included attracting the widest range buyers, not just local residents. On meeting Mark and Luis we were immediately comfortable that we had found an agency that was highly professional and that they had the ability to reach overseas buyers through their website Throughout the auction campaign, the level of service that we received from the entire team, but in particular Mark & Luis, was world class. When it came to the auction day, not only did they sell our home but they achieved Sydney’s highest auction price for the weekend! After the auction, a number of our friends and neighbours told us that the way that the auction was conducted and the way our property had been presented to buyers was of an extremely high standard that they had not witnessed before. We would have no hesitation in recommending Mark Manners to anyone looking to sell their property.
David & Rosemary Cartwright

Dear Richard, Juliet and I would like to thank you for Saturday's successful outcome. It has been a pleasure working with you and we very much appreciate your professionalism and commitment to achieving the best possible result for us. The media coverage you were able to generate was outstanding and let to considerable interest in our home. The purchasers' comments following the signing of the contracts were a fitting tribute to the service you provided. We have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone considering the sale of their home.
David Walker

Dear Mark Bravo! Wonderful and fantastic news on the sale. I did not dare to hope you would get a price above our expectation. Marvellous!
B Stuber & Jordi

We were demanding, and Richard and Mark met those demands, and more. We felt an instant trust with them and felt they were giving us "honesty" as well as common sense, which I value very highly. Richard interrupted his overseas vacation to nail down the deal, and the house sold within six weeks in the price range we required. We have bought and sold lots of properties, but we have never encountered such smart and dedicated agents who truly acts on behalf solely of his client's interests.
P & L Carre

We had our home on the market last year, with a local agent and had a disappointing experience so this time we went with an out of area agent who has access to a much greater network of buyers from all over Sydney and overseas. They were professional and truthful with the team going beyond to make sure everything we requested was achieved. Mark Manners completed the sale in 3 weeks with an amazing result selling a lovely home to a new family for considerably more than last year's best offer. Mark worked so hard for us but also worked very hard for the purchasers.
Joy Jones

Dear Richard, It is not often you ask one agent to sell two properties for one family in a period of 5 months but simply put, your negotiation skills have meant that we would not have used anyone else. Your ability to "close the deal" is second to none and that is why we have worked very well as a successful team together in finalising both transactions. I could not recommend you highly enough.
Nicole D

Hi Richard Thanks for doing a great job in delivering this outcome for Jan and I - we really appreciate it. We appreciate the way you have managed the confidentiality around this process and made it a smooth and easy transition. All the best.
J & B

We were extremely fortunate that we chose Richard Simeon to handle the sale of our house. We can only have high praise for the way Richard tackled the project with his professional expertise, diplomacy with buyers an their kindness and help to us throughout the proceedings. The result also far exceeded our expectations.
John & Wilga Massey

Richard Simeon and Mark Manners are consummate “Mosman” agents! They genuinely understood the unique and attractive features of our property, and combined their enthusiasm with relentless energy towards achieving a pleasing outcome for all concerned. In short, we set a goal we believed in, and they delivered it.
Lisa & Egi Paulsen

Congratulations to Mark and his team for this great achievement. It's been an amazing campaign over the last few weeks. Thank goodness for professionals like Mark. The work and deliberation that has gone into this project is nothing short of a miracle.
U. Suter

Dear Richard, A note to thank you for the enthusiasm and professionalism you showed in marketing my apartment. I was delighted that it sold so quickly. You certainly did justice to it and I really appreciate your team's marketing approach. It was helpful to be able to converse with you at the different stages. Thank you for your team's service and I will be delighted to recommend you for any marketing projects, to my friends and acquaintances. With regards and thanks.
P. Duncan

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